Can You Avoid Having A Plane Repossessed By Hiding It?

The pandemic has hurt almost everyone's finances, even the people who could afford to purchase private planes at one point. If your account is in the hole so far that the lender is threatening to repossess your airplane, you may be tempted to hide it. Here are two reasons why that's a bad idea and what you should do instead. It's Against the Law Purposefully hiding property to prevent it from being repossessed is against the law in most states. [Read More]

Tips For Appealing Your High Property Taxes

Has your property been assessed at a value that you feel is unfair, and you want to fight it? If so, you'll want to know some tips that will help ensure that you do it correctly. Know What Parts Of Your Home Are Taxable Square Footage The first step is understanding what your county considers taxable square footage. A common mistake homeowners make is having a finished basement and thinking that they have free finished square footage that their county doesn't know about. [Read More]

Reasons To Hire A Traffic Law Attorney

Every driver faces the risk of a traffic violation charge. Traffic violations have dire consequences, whether driving under the influence (DUI) or a minor seat belt offense. Dealing with traffic violations without legal counsel and representation may lead to hefty fines, increased insurance costs, and revoked driving licenses. This article highlights the critical reasons for hiring a traffic law attorney.  They are Legal Experts  A traffic law attorney is a qualified legal practitioner specializing in traffic law. [Read More]

Understanding Partial Liability In Car Accident Law

In many branches of injury law, the concept of partial liability plays a critical role in how people arrive at settlements and even jury judgments. Partial liability is especially common when it comes to car accident cases. If you're preparing to file a claim, it's important to understand what partial liability is and how it may apply to your claim. How Partial Liability Affects Outcomes Suppose a car accident attorney submits a claim to a defendant's insurance provider. [Read More]