5 Common Violations Of An Elderly Patient's Rights That Deserve A Lawyer's Attention

It's easy to assume that you slowly lose your rights as a patient as you age, but this is far from the truth thanks to reform passed in the last few decades to reinforce the legal rights of elderly individuals. Just because you need help with basic tasks or are facing age-related mental and physical changes doesn't negate your rights to privacy, dignity, and autonomy. If you've recently encountered any of the common types of patient's rights violations listed below, you should know they're serious enough to warrant the attention of an elder care attorney. [Read More]

Learn What To Do If Drugs Are Found In Your Car During A Traffic Stop

If you are pulled over for a traffic violation and an officer searches your car, it is important to stay calm. If you had friends in the car that you knew had drugs in the car, do not say anything. When the officer finds drugs, do not claim that they are yours, even if the officer says that he or she will charge you with possession of the drugs. You should never admit to doing something that you did not do. [Read More]

3 Tips For Filing A Successful Workers' Compensation Claim

Each time you enter the workplace, there is the possibility that you could sustain a severe injury. A work-related injury could compromise your ability to earn a living, leaving you without access to the financial support you need to maintain your quality of life. Filing a workers' comp claim following a serious injury could be a simple and effective way to ensure you have financial help as you recover. Here are three tips that you can use when filing your claim to ensure that it is a successful one: [Read More]

Getting Those Annoying Bill Collectors Off Your Back

When you are virtually drowning in debt, you are likely being harassed by bill collectors on a constant basis. Even though there are rules about when they can call and where, even those that follow the rules are aggressive and unrelenting. Once your debts age into certain categories, the actions that follow can make your life total chaos. You can put a full stop to most collection activities with a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, so read on to learn more about the magic of the automatic stop. [Read More]