Personal Injuries In Conjunction With A Citizen's Arrest Incident

Many may not know that an average citizen is empowered with detaining another by what is known as a citizen's arrest. Citizen's arrests can be helpful to law enforcement and they may be legal in some cases. This type of situation might also mean that another person's Constitutional rights have been placed in jeopardy and that an unlawful detainment took place. To help you sort out this confusing issue that combines criminal law with personal injury issues, read on. [Read More]

Testing The Sweat Of DUI Defendants

If you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), the forms of punishment to expect can truly boggle the mind. For example, take a look at just some common forms of punishment for those arrested for DUI: Jail time or prison time Loss of driving privileges Probation or parole Ignition interlock devices Classes and counseling Community service and more. A relatively new way to keep tabs on those arrested for a DUI and those out on bail is the use of a sweat ankle monitor. [Read More]

How Have You Been Damaged By Your Car Accident?

The pain and misery that results from a car accident can only be alleviated by healing and time. The driver who hit you, however, is legally responsible for your injuries and the resulting damages. Many people are unsure about the meaning of the term damages when dealing with personal injury cases. To help you understand what car accident damages can be for many victims, read on. Medical Treatment Expenses Even if you don't file a personal injury case, you are very like to be paid for your medical expenses in relation to the accident. [Read More]

Repetitive Knee Injuries And Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation insurance is well-known for dealing with work-related accidents, but it might be more accurate to say it covers all types of injuries. Certain jobs require workers to repeatedly place their knees in positions that make gradual injuries more likely. Read on to learn more about dealing with a repetitive knee injury. The Job Itself is the Problem It's not clumsiness or carelessness that creates the circumstances for some types of injuries. [Read More]