Three Ways An Art Lawyer Can Help You With Issues Related To Your Creations

As an artist, what you have created has come from within you. The last thing on your mind is the legal ramifications of your work, but there are those who do not care or are unaware of the rights you have regarding your art. This is where an art attorney becomes important. They have expertise with the law that applies to the work of artists. The following are a few ways they can help you.

They can assist you with copyright protection for your art 

The moment you have created your art, you own the rights to it; however, enforcing this copyright is another matter. Often, this isn't a problem until people become aware of the commercial value of your art. It is then that your copyright problem will become an issue. Copyright protection is especially important in an age of digital electronics and software. It is often easy to steal an artist's work and make money from it. When this happens, an experienced attorney can begin to pressure those who are stealing your art. A letter to the offender to cease and desist is often enough, but legal actions you can pursue legal actions if necessary.

They can assist you with contracts for your art

When your art has commercial value, you will be offered contracts, so you will need an attorney to read these contracts with a legal eye. You will likely need an attorney to negotiate contracts, and perhaps have a contract drawn up by an attorney. An attorney with experience in art understands how your art applies to these contracts. A contract will be used when you sign up with a gallery for your work to be exhibited. If you sell your art, there will be an agreement for consignment or commissions. In addition, there is the issue of using your art in digital formats on the internet and other electronic means of usage.

They can assist you with estate planning for your art

Everyone with property should have an attorney plan for the dispersal of their property, in the manner they wish, after their death. As an artist with works of commercial value, you should seek the advice of an attorney with experience in art. They will understand how to create a trust fund, so your art and the rights to your art are handed down in the manner you desire.

Consult an art lawyer to learn more. They can assist you with many issues, including copyright protection, contracts, and estate planning.