The Role Of A Custody Attorney In Cases Involving Parental Alienation

Custody attorneys are integral in cases of parental alienation. They can play a critical role in helping the court to find an appropriate solution that considers the safety and best interests of the child or children involved. Custody attorneys strive to ensure they have the necessary evidence needed for a fair ruling, while also using their legal expertise to protect their clients. Here's how your custody attorney can help you during cases of parental alienation.

Custody Attorneys Understand Parental Alienation

If you aren't familiar with parental alienation, it is a form of child abuse that occurs when one parent attempts to turn the child or children against the other parent. This can be done through verbal or psychological manipulation, as well as by providing false information. As a result, the child may become hostile and resentful of the targeted parent.

Custody attorneys are trained to identify signs of parental alienation and can help the court determine if it is in fact occurring. This is especially important because it can often be difficult to prove parental alienation due to the subtle nature of the abuse.

Custody Attorneys Can Help Create Solutions

Custody attorneys are also skilled at helping to create solutions that satisfy the court while meeting the needs of all involved. These may include supervised visitation or other arrangements to ensure the child is safe. Additionally, custody attorneys are experienced in navigating child custody disputes and can help develop a parenting plan that is both safe and beneficial for the child or children involved.

Custody Attorneys Can Mediate Difficult Conversations

Custody attorneys can also provide helpful mediation during difficult conversations. If both parties are willing, this can include helping the parents to communicate more effectively and work toward a shared solution, even in cases of parental alienation.

Custody Attorneys Address Parental Alienation in Court

Finally, custody attorneys can help present the evidence of parental alienation to the court. They can work to ensure that their client's rights are protected, while also providing the court with the necessary information to make an informed decision. This advocacy is crucial because it can help protect the child from further abuse while still allowing for contact with both parents.

Call a Custody Attorney ASAP

If you believe that parental alienation is occurring in your case, it's important to contact a custody attorney as soon as possible. They can help you navigate the process and provide the necessary legal representation to protect your rights.

Contact a local custody attorney to learn more.