How Have You Been Damaged By Your Car Accident?

The pain and misery that results from a car accident can only be alleviated by healing and time. The driver who hit you, however, is legally responsible for your injuries and the resulting damages. Many people are unsure about the meaning of the term damages when dealing with personal injury cases. To help you understand what car accident damages can be for many victims, read on.

Medical Treatment Expenses

Even if you don't file a personal injury case, you are very like to be paid for your medical expenses in relation to the accident. Where you might encounter issues that will have you phoning a personal injury lawyer, however, is with medical expenses that are considered extraordinary. For example, the at-fault driver's insurance carrier might balk at paying for the physical therapy you need to get your physical health back to normal again. Another common area of contention with medical bills is that of future medical expenses. If you suffer from a catastrophic injury that will require future treatment, most insurance policies won't cover that expense. You can, however, be paid for that particular damage when you take legal action.

Property Losses and Damage

Along with your wrecked car, you may have lost other valuable items as a result of the accident. Additionally, the other person's coverage might not pay you enough to replace the car that was wrecked if the car was new, financed or a collectible. This form of damage covers your ruined laptop, your smashed cell phone, and the car seat that cannot be reused because of the wreck.

Lost Wages From a Job

Even minor accidents can produce injuries that keep victims from working at their jobs. For most people, being out of work means a loss of income and having to use valuable paid time-off for dealing with the accident and its aftermath. Keep up with all the time missed from work and present your personal injury lawyer with a pay stub or statement proving your lost wages.

Pain and Suffering

This is one area of personal injury compensation that can be confusing. How does a victim prove how much money they are owed because of the pain, discomfort, and misery caused by the accident? Fortunately, personal injury attorneys and insurance companies have created a method that helps victims be paid money for pain and suffering based on their medical expenses. Though the means for calculating pain and suffering can vary, many use this method.

Speak to your car accident attorney to learn more.