How Legally Complex Is The Real Estate Closing Process?

Selling a piece of real estate is something that intuitively feels like it ought to be simple. However, it's common for people on both the buying and selling sides of a deal to want to hire a real estate closing attorney to protect their interests. You may wonder if it really is that complex. Here is why it's usually a good idea to have a real estate closing lawyer involved. [Read More]

Filing For Bankruptcy? What You Should Not Do

People find themselves in the middle of a tough financial situation for a number of reasons, such as loss of income, excess medical bills because of health problems, or divorce. Whatever the case may be, you might have a mountain of debt piling up and not enough money to pay what you owe to your creditors. You may end up coming to the conclusion that bankruptcy is your only solution. If this is the case, there are some steps that you must avoid making to ensure that you don't find yourself in deeper water. [Read More]

The Titles Of Various People Involved In A Divorce

Any couple that is starting the divorce process is likely well aware of all of the people that need to get involved. Here are some of the terms used for those people who will be frequently referred to during the divorce process.  Petitioner The person that is the petitioner in the divorce is essentially the person that filed the paperwork, often known as the petition or the complaint. They are treated like the plaintiff in a court case in a way and are the ones who make their statement first regarding why the divorce is happening. [Read More]