Blame and the No-Fault Divorce System

For folks who are angry about how their marriages ended, sitting down with a divorce lawyer can be frustrating. The vast majority of divorces in the modern U.S. occur under the no-fault system. You deserve to know what that means and why it is. Here are four things an attorney would tell you about blame and the no-fault divorce system. Why Does Divorce Happen This Way? Fault used to be required in nearly all divorce proceedings. [Read More]

Keys To Hiring A Family Immigration Lawyer

Dealing with any kind of litigation can be stressful, but it is especially stressful if you are dealing with an immigration issue and you don't have the proper legal counsel. Whether you are just working out a problem with a work or education visa, or would like to gain citizenship for yourself and your entire family, you'll need the service that only a qualified family immigration lawyer can help you with. [Read More]

How Your Divorce Attorney Can Help You Prepare For Your Divorce Hearing

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly tough process. For a number of different reasons, you might be nervous and upset about your upcoming divorce hearing, and you probably want to make sure that you are as well-prepared for the hearing as you can possibly be. Luckily, working with a divorce attorney can help you ensure that you are prepared for your hearing. These are some of the things that your attorney can do to help you prepare. [Read More]

2 Signs You Might Need An Apostille For Documents

An apostille is simply an official seal that shows that a document is authentic. This is not something that many people have to worry about in their day-to-day lives, and many people go their entire lives without ever having to have a document apostilled. However, it isn't uncommon to need an apostille for documents, either. These are a couple of basic examples of situations when you might need to have your documents apostilled. [Read More]