How Could a Recent Ohio Court Decision Affect Your Award of Work-Related Disability Benefits?

If you're like many others who live or work in the Buckeye State, you may not give much thought to the "invisible" benefits available to you, like workers' compensation, until you become injured on the job. Not only can a workplace injury cause you to rack up some steep medical bills in a fairly short period of time, it could leave you unable to do your job (or any job) for the foreseeable future. [Read More]

When You Witness An Accident: How To Keep Yourself Legally Safe If You're The First On Scene

If you witness an accident, particularly one where someone is seriously injured, your first instinct is often to jump into the fray to help the people who might have been affected. Being a good Samaritan is often part of good citizenship, but when it comes to accidents, it can actually cause more harm than good for both yourself and the victim. If you happen upon an accident before emergency crews arrive, here are some guidelines to follow to keep yourself out of trouble later. [Read More]

Tired Of The Same Old Fundraisers? Here Are 3 Fundraising Options That Include Alcohol

Public libraries in Pennsylvania have found success when holding fundraising events that serve alcohol. In fact, one library's annual wine and cheese pairing event raises roughly $10,000. If you are in charge of fundraising for a non-profit organization or are raising money to help a loved one pay for medical care, imagine how many candy bars or pizzas you would have to sell and cars you would have to wash to raise that same amount of money! [Read More]

Be Aware -- Taking A Whiz Outdoors Could Land You On The Sex Offender Registry

When you have to go, you have to go. Right? Although it's not considered in good taste, it's not uncommon for men to urinate in public when the urge is strong and more proper facilities can't be found. Public urination was even the subject of a funny Seinfeld episode, where two of the main characters Jerry and George decided to take care of their business in a parking garage. But did you know that in reality, public urination could actually land you on a sex offender registry list? [Read More]