Mistakes Injured Workers Should Avoid

Workers that suffer an injury while they are at their jobs will often commit a number of oversights that can limit their ability to seek compensation for the costs of treating their injuries. Being aware of some of the more serious and common mistakes can prove useful in protecting your rights as an injured employee. Failing To Report The Injury To Management The most common mistake that individuals make will be to fail to report their accident to management. [Read More]

Tips For Choosing A Custody Arrangement After A Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, one important question you may need to decide on is what kind of custody arrangement you'll have for your kids. There are many factors that you need to consider to make this important decision, which is why it helps to have some advice about what to do. Reasons For Joint Custody One reason that couples decide on joint custody after getting a divorce is because they can be open and work well with each other to make a joint custody agreement work. [Read More]

The Defense Of Necessity May Help You To Beat A Ticket For Crossing The Median

Crossing the median between two opposing traffic lanes is against the rules of the road, and this action is apt to quickly result in a ticket should a police officer witness you performing it. A lot of people make U-turns over medians simply because they're impatient with slow traffic or realize that they forgot something and don't want to wait until the next intersection to make a proper turn. There may be a time, however, that you turn over the median because of a legitimate need to do so. [Read More]

Reducing Scope Of Contract Issues

If you run a small construction business and have started branching out to larger projects, then you may be starting to look at contracts for the bigger jobs. These contracts must include information about the scope of work that you will complete. It is not unusual for contractors to get themselves wrapped up in lawsuits and litigation disputes that last for years and involve the scope of the job and the work completed while completing the project. [Read More]