Know What A Personal Injury Lawyer Do For Your Accident Case

If you have been hurt in a car accident that was not your fault, you might wonder what will happen next. Some accident victims make the mistake of thinking that the insurance company for the other driver will take care of their losses and they don't need a lawyer. Before you make the wrong decisions, read on and find out more.

  • They prevent victims from being taken advantage of. The other driver's insurer is not on your side. They will try to pay you as little as possible in a settlement. Unfortunately, once you sign the accident release, the case cannot be reopened. If you need more money for damages later, it's too late. Don't agree to anything without having a lawyer look the settlement over.
  • They work on your behalf to obtain compensation. Rather than having to deal with the insurer yourself, focus on your recuperation and let your lawyer handle the settlement negotiations. They will contact the insurer and work with them to get the most money possible from your settlement.
  • They fight against the mitigation of claims. When insurers must pay an accident victim, they look for ways to reduce their financial risk by mitigating the damages. That means they look for things the victim did that could have caused the damages. One common tactic is to research the victim's past medical records and other accidents to look for any preexisting conditions. If they find anything, they will claim that the victim's injuries are the result of a previous accident or condition. Your lawyer can combat that by showing that your injuries are not the same as those in the past and are the result only of the most recent accident.
  • They work to obtain future medical payments. It's one thing to be paid for the medical expenses you have already accrued. Some victims, though, will need more medical care in the future. Not all accident injuries are resolved in a few months so future needs must be estimated and added to the settlement.  Your lawyer will consult experts to determine how much you need and negotiate to get it for you.
  • They won't let you miss the deadline for filing a claim. Personal injury suits need to be handled with an eye toward time. You need to file once your injuries have reached a certain milestone in healing, but you also must file within the state's statute of limitations. Your lawyer understands the timing of personal injury cases and knows how to get it just right.

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