Tips For Appealing Your High Property Taxes

Has your property been assessed at a value that you feel is unfair, and you want to fight it? If so, you'll want to know some tips that will help ensure that you do it correctly.

Know What Parts Of Your Home Are Taxable Square Footage

The first step is understanding what your county considers taxable square footage. A common mistake homeowners make is having a finished basement and thinking that they have free finished square footage that their county doesn't know about. They then decide to not fight their taxes because they think they are getting a deal. The truth is that many counties do not consider a basement part of the livable square footage, and it doesn't matter if the space is finished or not. 

It's also important to know what your home's taxable square footage is and if you are being assessed for the right amount. This can be done by measuring the outside of your home and measuring the length and width of the structure of each floor and multiplying the two numbers together. 

For example, a single family home with two identical sized floors that are 25 feet by 25 feet will have a livable square footage of 1,250 square feet. 

Find Comparable Homes In The Area

You'll need to find comparable homes in your area that are similar in bathrooms, bedrooms, square footage, and construction materials. This can be done by looking at recently sold homes in the area so that you can prove what your home is actually worth. You'll need to find several examples to submit with your property assessment appeal.

However, people that have recently purchased their home or had it appraised for a refinance can also use that information to help prove their home's value. You can also pay to have your home appraised and submit that appraisal to verify what your home is actually worth. 

Work With A Property Tax Attorney

A great way to fight your property taxes is to work with a property tax attorney in your area. This is because your county processes thousands of property tax appeals every single year, and there may be a mindset to reject these initial appeals simply because they hope that homeowners will give up. By working with a lawyer, your county is going to know that you are serious about appealing your property taxes, and that the lawyer is going to do more work on your behalf as well. Simply working with a lawyer can make it more likely that your property taxes are reduced. 

For more information, contact a property tax attorney.