3 Reasons Many People Don't Mention Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

The right to be treated fairly regardless of gender is a basic civil right, and it is one of the civil rights that have been most widely examined in work environments. Even though society is far beyond the days when people were segregated based on gender and women were treated as less-than valuable in a lot of employment scenarios, gender discrimination is still a massive problem. Unfortunately, this form of discrimination goes grossly underreported in the modern age, and it is just as common for men to experience discrimination as women. Take a look at some of the reasons many people do not report gender discrimination.

They are embarrassed about the problem. 

Being discriminated against over such a basic human thing as your gender can be a bit embarrassing for sure. Women who want to be perceived as powerful and just as strong as any male may be too embarrassed about admitting they have been treated in any other way. Men can feel like reporting discrimination because of their gender somehow makes them look weak or whiny. Being treated unfairly, in any respect, does hurt your pride a bit, but it is important to remember there are bigger reasons for reporting and taking a stand is a strong thing to do. 

They are afraid they will lose their job. 

Fearing some kind of repercussion keeps a lot of victims from bringing up the fact that they have experienced discrimination with an attorney who can help them. It is understandable to want to hang onto a job you like or to fear getting dismissed because you need the money. However, once you have initiated a claim, you gain legal protection. Any acts of vengeance or retribution can bring about secondary legal claims and potential damages in your case. Therefore, most companies will be on their best behavior once a suit is filed. 

They don't realize they have experienced discrimination. 

Gender discrimination is not always so blatantly obvious that it can be pointed out by an unwitting victim. Sometimes, acts of discrimination are in a round-about way that is easy to overlook or convince the victim that they are not being treated unfairly. For example, if a female gets a job position instead of a more-qualified male, this could easily be explained away by the supervisors and managers in a way that makes it seem like there was nothing unfair that occurred. 

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